brainAccording to Bob Roth, a practitioner of transcendental meditation (TM) for 45 years, says that TM is fully supported by science and is even taught in schools and prisons, where it helps people to achieve a state of calm that allows them to make the best decisions. (1) Roth adds that meditation reduces or eliminates impulsivity and hasty decision-making because it brings mental focus and clarity.

Additionally, Christopher Clark, M.D., a Yale University School of Medicine graduate with over 20 years of experience in psychiatry, says that memory, both short and long-term, are aided by the regular practice of TM, causing the mind to become both more alert and able to deeply rest. This helps the brain to be more clear and greatly increases concentration and cognitive processing.(2) Improved concentration leads to better memory, enabling you to remember what you read or hear better than you may have in a long time.