Squeezing more lighindext exercise into your daily activities increases your energy level, burns calories and makes you feel good.

Simple Ways to Become More Physically Active

  • Take stairs in your apartment building or at work to burn calories and increase muscle tone in the legs.
  • Park further from your destination to stretch muscles and increase your life span.
  • Drinking extra water throughout the day helps to flush toxins and increases exercise to the restroom.
  • House cleaning provides a good workout.
  • Cutting down TV viewing time is more than likely going to increase your exercise.
  • Walk, ride a bike or take public transit that requires exercise.
  • Schedule informal meetings at work outdoors for fresh air and walking.
  • Use your lunch to take a short walk.
  • Take up gardening that requires walking, lifting, digging and stretching.

After becoming more physically active, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy it, be happier and live longer.