Women everywhere deal with postpartum depression. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fourth, you have to know how to cope. Remembering these tips will help!

The Tips

  • CHIN UP; Don’t be afraid to ask for help; take care of YOU!
  • TALK IT OUT; Reach out to talk about it, especially to other mothers who have experienced postpartum depression!
  • STAY CALM; Remind yourself “Nothing is wrong with me; This is normal; It happens to the best of us”!
  • CRY; Don’t feel guilty for needing to cry!
  • BREATHE; Take a deep breath and relax; don’t shy away from medication that will help!
  • LOOK AT ME; You need some extra attention; have your spouse dote on you!
  • YOU AREN’T SICK; This is NOT a disorder!
  • PERFECTIONIST? LET IT GO; You are human; you make mistakes!
  • GET OUT; Get out of the house and get some “me time”!
  • SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP; Keep you doctor in the loop and let them help you!

Postpartum Depression Does Not Equal Weakness

Battling postpartum depression doesn’t mean you’re weak! It means you’re a normal, healthy mother who needs a little extra TLC to get through a rough spot! Hang in there and remember: you’re not alone!