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Treat all or part of your body with our natural blend of oils, salts, and extracts to experience first-hand the soothing and age-defying characteristics of the “World’s Finest Salt Scrub”.

Rub in circular motion on wet skin. Rinse, pat dry, and massage the oils into skin. Skin will be hydrated, exfoliated, and smooth as silk.

Ingredients: Salt, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil with Vitamin E, Natural Fragrance

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Guaranteed fresh for 90 days from date of purchase.


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  1. Lauren Jones

    Fantastic salts! My days of searching for the perfect salt scrub are finally, finally, finally over! The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the salt scrubs are unparalleled, especially in Texas where summers are so hot and miserable and even the strongest deoderant will fail at some point. I’ve had absolutely no issues since I have been using the salts. Do I sweat and get dirty – yes. But I still smell amazing. Customer for life! <3 you guys!!!!

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