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Treat all or part of your body with our natural blend of oils, salts, and extracts to experience first-hand the soothing and age-defying characteristics of the “World’s Finest Salt Scrub”.

Rub in circular motion on wet skin. Rinse, pat dry, and massage the oils into skin. Skin will be hydrated, exfoliated, and smooth as silk.

Ingredients: Salt, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil with Vitamin E, Natural Fragrance

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3 reviews for Pomegranate

  1. miche’l Milano

    I recently went to a conference in Dallas at the Hyatt and entered the bathroom, the bright blue crystals sat at the side of the sink in a glass bowl. I was immediately drawn to the spa like item..I quickly went to the restroom then right to the sink, spooned the wonderful fragrant crystals on my hands rubbed and then rinsed, my hands felt like a baby’s skin an I had a hard time not just touching them throughout our meetings, all the ladies were in love. I could not wait to run to the rest room in between meetings so that I could enjoy the mini spa..I left the hotel with two small jars, and definitelywill be ordering the 12 oz soon..GREAT ITEM

  2. Marriott Customer

    One word “Perfect”. This product is amazing; recently I was at the Marriott in Miami biscayne Bay and theye had the pomegranate seas alt sample at the ldays restroom (of course I had to try it) after following the instructions I was in loved with the product. My hands were so soft I couldn’t believe it. My hands are usually soft because I use cream twice a day, but this products makes them even softer (incredible! !! ) I loved it so much than I ran to the gift shop and I bought myself the 12 Oz of the Moroccan mint with lavander. Can not wait to get home and try it.

    I’ll be buying more soon 😉

  3. Miami Marriott Guest

    awsome!!!!! love it

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