Untitled design (2)We’ve all been taught, from childhood, about the “Food Pyramid.” Today, that’s old news. A Plate equals the new symbol for Healthy Eating. “How did that happen?” you ask. The USDA came out with a new campaign called My Plate, which has many of the same precepts as the food pyramid did, however it also ingrains into the consciousness the idea that certain foods, like vegetables and grains, should take up most of your plate.

Some of the main points of the new campaign are:

  • Variety is good! The more, the better
  • Eat more vegetables than fruits
  • Eat more grains than proteins

Having the plate equal the new symbol for healthy eating helps to discourage large portions, as well, thus addressing the problems of healthy eating and obesity at once. The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama introduced the program, in hopes of making healthier eating more easy to understand.