Untitled design (2)You have done everything right to drop the extra pounds, and it has largely worked. Except now, there is some skin hanging unflatteringly around the thighs, midsection and arms.

  • Fasted training

During fasted training, your body is burning the excess fat. A lot of people who have chose to go into fasted training, keep the protein they consume below 40 grams and when possible, fast for more than 6 hours as it accelerates the body’s ability to burn the extra fat.


  • Caffeine

Caffeine helps the body lose fat as it increases the daily energy used by the body. However, it is vital that you limit intake just so your body doesn’t build up a tolerance.

  • Building muscle

During exercise, including weights in your regimen builds muscle. That tightens the skin by filling up the looseness of the skin.

  • Improve skin elasticity

This is a blanket solution that involves some lifestyle changes. By quitting smoking, upping protein intake, eating your vegetables and fruit and maybe incorporating healthy supplements, you give your skin that tight, youthful look.