0507-last-minute-0125Diabetes seems to have become a national health crisis in the last several years. This unfortunate fact is due to a variety of factors, including poor diet and sedentary living. The good news is that even if you aren’t in good shape now, you can lower your risk of diabetes with exercise and a sensible diet.

How to Do It

If you want to reduce the chances that you’ll develop type 2 diabetes, you need to get your body in motion on a regular basis. While the prospect of doing this may initially feel overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be if you approach it with the right attitude. Start with small steps, such as taking a walk around your neighborhood for 15 minutes per day. The more often you exercise, the more energy, stamina, and motivation you will have to keep going. Additionally, remember to monitor your sugar intake. On a daily basis, men should limit themselves to 36 grams of sugar, and women should consume no more than 25 grams.

By eating plenty of whole foods instead of processed food products, you could significantly improve your health. Stay away from too much sugar, and remember to get moving. No matter what kind of condition you’re in, you can lower your risk of diabetes with exercise and healthy eating habits.