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They say old habits die hard; looking around today this phrase couldn’t be more relevant in as far as healthy habits are concerned. More people are succumbing to obesity and hospitals are recording more cases of lifestyle illnesses. However, the situation is reversible through practicing healthy habits in our daily lives. The benefits of healthy habits include the following:

    1.    Weight control; healthy eating and regular exercise can help control weight. Healthy eating involves eating a calorie managed diet with adequate proportions of carbohydrates proteins and vitamins. Include a morning run in your daily schedule a this helps burn excess calories.


    1.   Uplifts mood; your mind benefits from a healthy habit. How so? Maintaining a healthy habit boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Also, regular exercise enables one to think better and make informed decisions.


    1. Disease Control; most lifestyle diseases such as strokes, high blood pressure and heart disease are as a result of poor life habits. Research has proven that regular exercising and a healthy diet can help manage these conditions.


    1.   Energy boost; each time you eat healthy your body is nourished with energy. Also regular exercise ensures adequate oxygen to the body enabling you be more energized in your activities.


  1. Healthy habits for long life; people who take a 30 minute walk daily are at a lower risk of dying prematurely, another reason you should take that walk often.

Next time you go shopping choose that salad over that beef. Cheers to healthy habits.