Fluids and water are critical for our bodies to function correctly. Everyone knows that thirst can be an indicator that you may be dehydrated, but there are several other signs that can be an indication of dehydration.

  • Muscle cramps are often caused by a lack of water, which causes muscles to seize up when overheated.
  • Many people attribute dry skin from running heaters. However, most often, dry skin occurs when fluid amounts are low, which affects blood volume causing dry skin.
  • When your body is not well hydrated, you may not produce enough saliva containing antibacterial properties to prevent bad breath.
  • Many organs may fail to release needed components and glycogens when you’re dehydrated, which can cause a variety of food cravings.
  • Chills and fevers in people may be the result of severe dehydration and could require immediate medical attention.
  • Some people may experience headaches when dehydrated. Maintaining adequate amounts of fluids in the fluid sack, which surrounds the brain prevents the brain from bumping into the skull and causing headaches.

Consider these 6 unusual signs of dehydration carefully. If you feel you have any of these signs, make a point of drinking more water or healthy fluids daily.