My husband and I went on a “baby moon” when I was 4 months pregnant and the hotel had these bath salts. I ended up buying the cucumber melon salt scrub from the gift shop. I gained 40lbs throughout my pregnancy, and I used the scrub on my growing belly 3 times a week. Not a single stretch mark! I swear by this to all my pregnant friends and have purchased it as a gifts. Just wanted to say I really love this product!


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I have tried all of the sample jars to find my favorite. Moroccan Mint with Lavender has the best smell soft and clean. I use it just before going to bed love it. Soft smooth hands.

Kathy Z.

This stuff is amazing! I had every lady at the Marriott in the bathroom trying this. I’ll be using this in my bathroom and kitchen. Even my husband liked it and that’s saying something! Great product!

Cheryl W.

Love this. Doesn’t dissolve on your skin after five seconds like sugar scrubs I’ve tried. You don’t even need to put lotion on afterwards since it actually does leave your skin soft, and the sweet scent lasts.

Jaime M.

Love this stuff! My hands, feet and legs thank me. They are so soft and smooth. You have got to try this.

Valerie N.

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